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RSS beyond text

This week's podcast focuses on the rich media uses of RSS. Syndicated feed formats such as RSS are expanding beyond text, blogs, and the desktop and delivering media content such as images, audio, and video to mobile devices and home entertainment centers. Om and I discuss how these new applications and distribution models affect the average consumer, the network operators, and open new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The RSS beyond text podcast is 21 minutes and 23 seconds in length, a 9.9 MB download.

Questions raised

  1. How is RSS playing a major role in the digital connected home?
  2. Why are broadband providers not developing new rich media RSS applications?
  3. How can RSS be used to create new experiences with photos, movies, music, and games?
  4. What are some companies creating applications for this new platform of rich media consumption?
  5. What is the impact of RSS on networks and bandwidth?
  6. Do these new rich media opportunities encourage increased bandwidth consumptions?
  7. How does bandwidth consumption and perception change in this new environment?
  8. What hardware is emerging to help manage this increased flow of XML?
  9. What caching possibilities exist?
  10. How is rich RSS being used within the enterprise?
  11. What companies are doing new and interesting things in this space?

Topics discussed

Media platforms: TiVo, MythTV, Windows Media Center, Xbox 360.
Feed aggregators: FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, NewsGator, Shrook, Straw
Tools: Cisco, FeedBurner

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