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Emerging video trends

Om and I sat down this week to discuss the current and future state of video creation and distribution technologies. We both expect many video-related announcements from this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will bring a wider variety of video consumption products into the living room. We also talked about new ways for amateurs to create and share videos online and using specialized portable hardware such as the iPod video.

This week's podsession on emerging video trends is 21 minutes and 46 seconds in length and a 10 MB download.


  1. Simplified movie editing tools such as iMovie.
  2. Computers with built-in video such as the iMac with built-in iSight.
  3. Video creation hardware bundled with broadband service.
  4. Lazy Sunday video on SNL by The Lonely Island crew.
  5. Unlicensed video content submitted and hosted by video aggregation sites such as YouTube.
  6. iPod video and the creation of content for that smaller format.
  7. MeeVee. Indexing available TV listings from broadcast, cable and satellite providers including episode trailers.
  8. The current state of video search: frame analysis, audio recognition, and indexing media containing closed captions.
  9. Brightcove and Google Video as hosting and entertainment providers.
  10. Online video sites powered by Flash 8 and video codecs from On2 Technologies.
  11. Akimbo media center and software allows users to watch content from all over the world.
  12. Video delivered to mobile handsets will continue to improve throughout 2006. Qualcomm is planning a trials of a new multimedia chipset starting in late June or early July that should change the delivery and processing of multimedia on mobile devices.
  13. Video supplemental offered by traditional print media such as The New York Times.
  14. Video distribution in education and worldwide learning.
  15. Videos distributed online by political campaigns as a new way to reach changing demographics.
  16. CurrentTV and networks accepting video submissions from amateur content creators.
  17. Will the increased demand for video services lead to new hardware upgrades?


Hey guys.

Nice presentation. I was just setting a colleague up for a trip to europe - he has one of those nifty little iPod video dealios... do you have a set of links for video podcast - specifically biz/web2.0 related? what formats are acceptable?

thanks again for the good stuff.

Well written and well thought out.


great podcast. any chance you want to re-visit this topic? i would be interested in hearing your take on how things have changed in the past 9 months or so.