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Search around the world

The DOJ paid Google a visit this week after the company refused to hand over search logs and information for its hundreds of millions of users. The long list of requested data made online users realize just how much personal information is in the hands of large Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or Microsoft.

Governments and search engines in other countries were busy moving forward with their own search plans despite the distractions in Silicon Valley. France and Germany announced a collaborative effort to develop the Quaero project to counter the power of Google and Yahoo! over content in those two countries. The new search engine will receive around $2 billion from France and Germany to develop new search technologies especially focused on audio and video.

In Korea NHN's Naver.com continues its stellar growth with over 40% of the country's search market. Google currently has only about 2% of the Korean market. Naver adds mashups and detailed information directly on search results pages assisted by efforts from its millions of subscribers. The company has expanded into Japan and China behind the power of its gaming network and founded a U.S. subsidiary.

All these topics and more in this week's podcast. The podcast is 21 minutes long, a 9.8 MB download.


Hey guys, I've been listening to your great podcasts, and really enjoying the content and structure of them all.

Now that you've got your fancy Shure recording equipment, I think you need a fade-in theme song for the start/end of the podcast as well, to make it feel just like a radio segment :)

Keep it up, and we'll keep listening.