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Startup Do's and Don'ts

Last night Om and I sat down with Matt Mullenweg, lead developer of open-source blogging software WordPress and a recent founder of Automattic. Automattic is a software services company centered around the WordPress blogging platform. This podcast is a little geeky and aimed at entrepreneurs just getting started and in need of technical advice.

What does it take to launch a successful startup? In this week's PodSession we discuss identifying your customers, how to build to scale, how to decide on a programming language (Rails vs. PHP vs. ?), how to design for your users, and what concepts (such as spam) you cannot afford to overlook. Matt jumps in with some stories from the front line of software development with close to 200,000 active users on hosted blog site WordPress.com and about 40 million blog spam messages blocked on Akismet.

During the podcast we mention Cal Henderson's new book, Building Scalable Web Sites, about designing hardware and software systems for web applications with Cal's work on Flickr as a solid example.

Om recently wrote an article for Business 2.0 titled How to build a bulletproof startup. Also mentioned in the podcast are PHP, the Ruby on Rails web framework, script.aculo.us JavaScript library, and Eclipse and TextMate code editors.

This week's PodSession, Startup Do's and Don'ts, is 22 minutes in length, a 10 MB download.