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Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is constantly changing, with big players such as AOL, eBay, Microsoft, and Yahoo trying to one-up each other on the most features for instant communication online and offline. In the past week we have seen new releases of Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft and a beta release of Yahoo! Messenger, complete with integrated voice and video calling as well as plugins to add even more content to an IM window. What do end users want from their messaging client?

Seth Sternberg of browser-based instant messaging company Meebo joined today's podcast to share his expertise in the messaging space. Seth shared with us requests from his users and provided a look inside the minds of corporations providing IM services.

Do current messaging clients suffer from feature bloat? Is messaging software from major portals a loss leader or a profit center? How is instant messaging different overseas? What are some current IM usage patterns?

We talk about these topics and more in this week's PodSession, Instant Messaging. The podcast is 24 minutes in length, a 11 MB download.


I agree that messangers are bloted with features but I do like voice/video chat which are very usefull when you are working with your team members across the globe.

Below are the list of features:

  1. Chat (Yahoo)
  2. Voice chat (Skype)
  3. File transfer (Skype for office work othewise Yahoo file transfer is better
  4. Folder sharing: MSN

Voice quality in Skype is best when calling over long distance compare to any other clients.