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Startup tips and tricks

Everyone has their own productivity hacks and tools, the ways we each attempt to augment our own lifestyles and habits with technology and planning to become more efficient in our daily lives. In this week's PodSession Om and I share a few tips and tricks as they apply to the lean world of startups.

First up is the gear bag, the set of hardware we lug around to make sure we are always connected. Our mobile phones are data-enabled, never far from our mail servers or even a quick chat.

Om's gear bag:

Niall's gear bag:

I recommend ProCare for businesses with multiple computers as a way to skip lines and get better service from Apple for everything from logic board repairs to training new employees on productivity applications. Amazon Prime is a good way to share Internet shopping efficiency between up to 5 co-workers.

We also share typical daily schedules and daily efficiency hacks to help manage information overload.

This week's PodSession, Startup Tips and Tricks, is 25 minutes in length, a 11 MB download.

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Hey guys, this has got to be your worst podcast. I loved your previous podcast on startups and generally like most of your podcasts. This one felt like a really long commercial(mac,starbucks,seven,sprint, t-mobile etc). I really didn't think there was anything there for startups.

Niall / Om, Thanks for the gear tips. I heard you enthusiastically promoting your noise canceling headphones at FOWA. Good to know what model you have, but I $349 is pretty steep! (the cost of a low-end PC) - especially for startup budgets.

Does anyone have experience with less-expensive options?